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What is RepCord

RepCord is a simple bracelet of silicone beads you slide to easily keep accurate track of the reps or rounds without interrupting the flow of the workout. It's right on your wrist - slide a silicone bead and keep working.



High intensity training programs are taking over the fitness industry -- do the work as fast as safely possible and do it with a group of people. Intense physical work and community support go hand in hand to create an intensely addictive physical and emotional feedback loop. The intensity of the workouts makes it difficult to keep accurate track of rounds or repetitions.

The RepCord is a simple bracelet you can wear during a workout. You move soft, silicone beads to keep track of completed rounds or repetitions.



Just try to keep track while you rep out front squats with your heart rate at 190. Athletes use poker chips or chalk to keep track but they add time to your workout. The RepCord is fastened around your wrist. Wear it loose all day and when it's time to workout, just tighten it down and move a silicone bead over for each rep or round completed -- track progress on your wrist, and you are ready for the next round.



The patent-pending RepCord is made out of water-resistant military grade parachute cord with specially designed beads poured from silicone rubber.

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